ECON+ Drinks and Discussions ‘Our Economic Future’

Gathering in a small bar near Mabillon, Paris we got to know each other and discuss economic matters. Between the fluid conversations we asked some questions about topics discussed and economic matters. This is what they came up with….

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Why does economics matter?

“It governs the distribution of wealth across the globe”

Tonight I discussed..

“…microeconomics and development, something I had only a vague understanding of until this evening”

“…future schools of economics in the digital world”

“….the failure of the neoliberalism in the World Bank in Latin America”

“…future schools, the name Kilian, Jesus/Religion/GDP”

The problem with economics is…

“…not enough sustainable growth in the outlook”

“…outdated theories”

“…it undermines democracy and promotes plutocracy”

“…it’s a discipline that seems somewhat impenetrable given the UK’s education structure”

Tonight I met…

“… A swede named Maria, a Canadian named Corey, a Geordie named Victoria”

“…Kilian, who is a young and inspiring mind (curious about development issues)”


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