Member of the moment Corey

Meet Corey Pembelton

coreyEveryone meet Corey Pembelton, eh? This canadian young man from Guelph, Ontario, recently crossed the Atlantic Ocean and to live and travel in Europe. His favourite superpower, flight, would help him on that. No one knows if he found out why hamburgers have different names in different continents, like it was discussed in his favorite movie Pulp Fiction. Now Corey is back in Hockey country studying again at the University of Waterloo. 

Corey loves being able to meet people from different academic and professional backgrounds to exchange ideas and that’s why he loves ECON+. He reckons that ECON+ has the ability to reach out to people without a traditional background in economics, and it should be doing more to reach people in different (academic and non-academic) fields. Also, he believes that to ensure more sustainable economic, social and environmental livelihoods we need to look at how we design the rapidly urbanising cities in developing countries. I am also willing to bet that his dream job is a little bit different than yours as he dreams to be an Urban Planner in Nairobi. Probably, while in Africa, he would get the chance to go on a safari and see his favourite animal, a Sprinbok.

A non-believer in ghosts or the afterlife, he does think that there is life in other planets. Corey enjoys mornings although he tries to balance things and follow advice he got from Banksy,  “people who wake up early cause war, death and famine”. But Corey gets more inspiration in his life from an old army officer of his. His favourite historical character is Leo Major, a Canadian WWII hero. Maybe connected to why he wanted to explore Europe. In fact, he would live in Berlin if he could.


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