From picnics to community-based think tanks

Just over a year ago a group of then-students sat on the grass outside one of the largest student halls in Paris, baguette and cheese in hand, international can-do spirit in mind. Disillusioned by economics, economic policy and the prospects facing our generation we discussed putting in place some kind of journal/think tank/platform to try and change things. Our guiding vision was to provide an outlet for young people to express themselves on economic matters, to give them a voice. We wanted to generate something international that embraced different backgrounds.

Today we’ve created ECON+ – a community-based think tank for young people worldwide where ‘young minds are improving our economic future’. We have a host of collaborators representing 13 different nationalities, currently based in 8 countries, who are helping us grow day by day.

But we’ve got plenty more to do! With more and more can-do spirit, we hope to reach more communities from more diverse backgrounds. And as we do, it’s such a joy to see how we’ve made it from a picnic with baguette and cheese, all the way to a real community for change.

I’m so excited to see us move forward. (I also look forward to more picnics.)



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