Member of the moment Kilian

Meet Kilian Tep

KillKilian Tep is now on the spotlight. This young Cambodian, born in France, is a student at the American University of Paris currently preparing applications to American universities. Kilian’s parents fled war in the mid-70s, and a child – Kilian – was born afterward. He has studied economics for three years in high school and now he is studying Politics.

Kilian supports ECON+ because it defends a very noble cause and wants to louden youngsters’ voices, which aren’t heard enough. ECON+ also seeks new and innovative solutions, which Kilian deems necessary in a world which needs new paradigms. A very inquisitive mind, Kilian asks how can we help and empower the poorest with respect and without being neo-colonial? How can we reduce the inequalities in education and job opportunities? How can we fix the financial system? Let’s try to work together to answer these important issues.Kilian thinks Econ+ can have a great impactful because it’s going to become worldwide. As every other member of ECON+, Kilian wants to have a meaningful job where we can contribute to solving those and many more other questions. Thus, he shares the vision that ECON+ should become an actual think tank with a real research centre, as soon as possible. As he says, he does not have one particular dream job. He just wants to do something that will allow him to have a positive –even a small – impact on society.

If he could, Kilian would like to have the ability to teleport himself anywhere in the world at any time. An adventurer with a sense of humour, Kilian says he never laughed so hard as when he laughed watching Asterix et Obelix Mission Cleopatre. But the more dramatic Gran Torino is also one of his favourite movies. He highlights Singapore as a place where he would like to live because it has both a Western and Asian side, as he says, so it matches his identity. As a dogma-believer but non-practicing Buddhist, Kilian does believe in afterlife and in reincarnation. He also believes in life in other planets. Regarding life in this planet, he enjoys the vegetarian bear, a Panda, as one of his favourites.

He is a night person and defends that the best discussions and activities always happen at night. Now go ahead and argue with that. With his close family going to some big hurdles in life, he points at Nelson Mandela as his favourite historical character due to his peaceful outlook and will to unify people. Kilian also has a similar figure in his grandmother who has inspired him due to her incredible courage during war, her generosity to people, and her incredible achievements.


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