Can you help? – European Project

Kilian Tep is a student at the American University of Paris and needs some help for a research project on the European Union.

What does my project consist of?

I would like to write a 50-page research paper explaining why I believe that European Federalism is the solution to the current EU crisis. This paper will deal with the different aspects and changes that such a political system would imply, not only economic changes but also political and cultural changes. It will explain and ponder what’s most suitable to creating an actual European federation.

What prompted me to undertake such project?

The euro-crisis has unveiled all the flaws of the European union structure; after pondering these flaws and Europe’s history, I’ve come to the realization that this crisis has happened only because the European Union hasn’t been unified enough. Countries have only seen their own interests instead of thinking about a global solution. What struck me more than anything else is the ineffectiveness in the European leaders’ decision-making: there had been 27 European councils before Mario Draghi said that he would do “whatever it takes to save the euro”.

Regarding the rise of populism impugning the European Union and threatening our future, it is now time to re-think our approach to Europe before it gets too late, and this is what I will attempt to do in this research paper.

What do I need for my project?

– Data about the European budget (total amount, the repartition of expanses)

– Data about the European GDP (repartition of each country’s GDP within the total GDP)

– Inflation rate for each European country

– Information about the Swiss, South-African or Indian educational system; how do they foster multilingualism?

– All kinds of survey about people’s opinion about Europe.

How can you contact me if you have any of these data or are willing to work with me?

Send a message to or follow me on twitter @kiliantep.

Expected release date: May 2014

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