ECON+ is a global community-based economic think tank for young minds from diverse backgrounds and geographies.

We provide these young minds with a place to connect with each other, discuss and debate important economic issues and inspire real change through informed opinions and a voice.

We’re based on three pillars based each with it’s own concrete action: connect, discuss and inspire. Our final goal is to inspire real policy change.

For the why and how, find out more on Our Story.MC900432627

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ECON+ needs you…

ECON+ is recruiting

ECON+ is building a global team who are passionate about making a difference. Click on the link to find more information.

We’re also looking for articles, speakers, interviews and other content on our next topics: unemployment and social movements. If you have any ideas, contacts, or want to write something, please email us at


ECON+ Events

ECON+ has more events coming soon. If you’d like to see our recent events please look at Connect for our drinks and Discuss for our roundtables. (You can even read out roundtable live blogs there).

Want to get involved?

We want you, wherever you are in the world, economist or non-economist, to get involved. Here you can join the network and we’ll send you updates about our events and work. If you’re interested in joining the team and taking a more active role we’re currently recruiting. You can find more information here.

Got any ideas?

If you have any ideas for topics we could discuss / research / write about or anything else fill in this form. ____________________________________________________________________________________

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