Member of the Moment Natalia

Natalia Santoyo - Secretary General
Natalia Santoyo – Secretary General

Meet Natalia, Secretary General of ECON+, also working as a Policy Analyst at the Permanent Delegation of Mexico to the OECD, focusing on tourism, statistics, science and, technology. Natalia, born in Mexico, did a Bachelor in International Relations at Tec de Monterrey Campus Guadalajara. During this degree, she spent a year abroad studying at Sciences Po Toulouse before coming to Paris, her favourite place, to study in a Master in International Development at Sciences Po Paris, in the the Paris School of International Affairs. Natalia is a firm believer in ECON+ and an important member of our team as it’s a project that she really enjoys. The whole idea of giving young and bright minds a platform to express themselves and putting people as our focus is what she loves about ECON+.

Natalia´s main economic concern is poverty and inequality, which are also highly linked to development, a matter which is close to her heart because of the country she is from. Through ECON+, Natalia wants to seek more bright minds so we can engage with them in dealing with these global issues, authoring and contributing to research papers which can be helpful for policy-making. Natalia does not believe in ghosts or the afterlife (I wonder if she still celebrates Dia de los muertos). She does believe there’s some sort of life out there, but not necessarily in the form of aliens that we see in films or cartoons. More like bacteria that could evolve. But none of those would bother her sleep.

Natalia is a smart morning woman. Why smart? Because she so goes to sleep early and wake up early. Then she has time to go for runs and have a hearty breakfast, while she reads or watches the news. Now that is a healthy woman! All that before coming to work. She would visit home in Mexico as well before going to work, if she had her superpower of choice, teleportation. She would also probably spend some time with her favourite animal, dogs, which she has 2 of them. Natalia´s dream job would be a high-level job at the UN, working on education and development. Luckily and well deservedly, her current OECD job would be ideal too. This is a place where she meets young successful people that inspire Natalia on a daily basis. She is enthusiastic about seeing young people talking about their amazing experiences, endeavours and projects they are doing. Family also inspire her a lot, which is not cheesy at all.  She proudly states that her parents have both always worked and balanced professional and family life, so she aims to follow in their footsteps.

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