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Tahnee Nemo Ramirez
Tahnee Nemo Ramirez

Meet Tahnee, remember this name:  Tahnee Nemo Ramirez.  She is going places and we are excited to have her in our team. A captivating and contagious force, Tahnee is a Franco-Mexican young woman that was born in Grenoble and spent the the first month of her life there. She grew up in Guadalajara, Jalisco, México and came back to croissant-land at 15. She has lived in Orléans, Paris and Lyon. Whilst in Mexico, she studied in the Franco Mexican School which gave her a chance to travel quite a lot to Europe. Afterwards, she went to Sciences Po Lyon to follow a specialization in Public and International Affairs and a Degree in Latin American Studies.  This tapatio energetic heart is graduating from a double degree of Political Sciences and Latin American Studies at Sciences Po Lyon, and Sociology – Anthropology  at University Paris Diderot. Her next step is the Doctoral School of Sciences Po Paris, where she will start a master degree in Political Sciences in compared political sociology.  She will also be starting Maya studies at INALCO.

Tahnee, who is passionate about International Relations and Latin American studies, has just completed a trip to Brazil. She was a delegate to a French Delegation which went to Sao Paulo for a week of negotiations and networking. One can already see why Tahnee and Econ+ are a perfect match. She has also recently finished a 5 months internship at UNESCO where she was working for the Mexican Delegation. There she had the chance to delve in to questions of development and education.

Tahnee loves Econ+’s energy and philosophy to empower young minds that can actually bring a valuable view of global issues. In her view, this phase of energetic thinking is unique in our lives, so she intends to live the Econ+ experience at its best to seize this moment. I could not agree more. Econ+ is “an open window to the next generation’s guts”, her words. She is particularly interested in International Development and Education’s potential to tackle all social and economic questions. Secondly, Tahnee is truly interested in sustainable development issues as an long term perspective answer to social, economic, energetic issues. She is fond of the Latin American theory of “Buen Vivir” that intends to change our understanding of politics and economics at a global level. For this,  Econ+ can be a brilliant tool to bring passionate people together and educate by proposing diversified debates and bring a view of what the next generation is ready to bring in terms of policy.

Now for something a bit unusual and that, perhaps, explains the source of so much of Tahnee’s restlessness: She is a morning person and her most efficient moment of the day is from 5am to 8 am. 5am to 8 am. Quite amazing. For a young woman who does so many things, it figures that her superpower to choose from would be teletransportation to save so much time in her travels. With such force and political interest within her, it is not a surprise that she is a big fan of the Star Wars Saga. Her favorite historical character is the “Malinche” who helped Hernán Cortés in its Conquest of Aztec Empire. Not because she admires particularly who she was, but how Malinche, a former slave, played a big role in the conquest of the New World with a brilliant and dramatic political strategy.

Tahnee is the daughter of an ornithologist so her favourite animals are birds and elephants. Regarding life in other planets, she believes there is much more out there than what we can possibly see or imagine. So maybe, even when looking for it, we might not be able to conceive how extraterrestrial life could work or look like. She also believes in Human Heritage, in that, we all leave something behind us, whoever we are. To Tahnee, it is our obligation to leave something behind us that makes our lives worthy. She defends we are not able to know what happens after we are dead and gone so “let’s do the most of what we can before knowing if we get another chance to do it”. Tahnee wants to be able to work and live in a different country every 3 to 5 years. She would start in Brazil and then change continents every couple of years.  Her dream job would be Mexican Diplomacy or a role like Director of the OREALC (Latin American Education Observatory).

Source of inspiration of all of this? Tahnee’s Mexican grand mother. A true working class hero who married quite young and had 9 children, Tahnee’s grandma did not have the chance to study. Her grandma and grandpa started getting into politics defending workers rights, but his early passing away made grandma the person in charge of the huge family and the values they stood for.  Tahnee’s abuelita  represents the Mexican woman and all her power.  With no studies,  no family wealth, she had the intelligence to bring her family together and provide them a great future – doctors, architects, etc.  She is the reason why Tahnee won’t ever stop fighting for Mexico’s present and future.

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