Member of the Moment Erielle

Erielle Delzer
Erielle Delzer

Meet Erielle Delzer, one of the latest additions to the ECON+ team, and what a great addition. Let’s just say there is a high likelihood of you hearing “This is Erielle Delzer reporting live from (insert city name here)” on your TV in the future. Erielle is a young Russian-American journalist currently working in Paris, studying for her undergraduate degree in International Relations and Political Communication at the American University of Paris. Here at ECON+, we are proud to have such a talented and driven person and we already feel Erielle’s energetic impact. Erielle loves the drive everyone has in ECON+ and the will to strive to go above and beyond. To her it’s all the more inspiring and motivating – something that we completely agree on at ECON+. Together we are going to do great things in the years to come. There are many challenges in the global economic arena so there is a lot of work to be done. As a Russian-American, it is no wonder that she is extremely worried for the current (late 2014) state of the Russian economy and the related politics.

Erielle has had the blessing of travelling quite a bit despite her young age. Her father works for a major airline in the US so she grew up on airplanes. “Travelling is the best education that exists” so she will continue to do that, for sure. She wants to visit Asia and Africa, namely Morocco, Egypt, South Africa, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam. She is from LA/Laguna Beach, she grew up in Dallas and now she lives in Paris. One day, St. Petersburg or Berlin for her Master’s degree. After, London or NYC for her future career…there’ll be no stopping her. She loves the Aussie vibe, so Australia is not out of question. Whatever she calls home, she can’t choose between cats or dogs. She already has a Siberian Husky, a Siamese and a Lynx Point Siamese cats in the States.

Erielle is a big admirer of Anderson Cooper due to his personal story, his ethics regarding journalism, and his overall work as a reporter, anchor, and correspondent for CNN and CNN International. A role that represents Erielle’s dream job,  to be given an assignment each week sending her out to a different country, everytime. She is definitely a night person; this is when she loves to write and her best work is done. Erielle used to write short stories when she was younger. She has journals full of poems, incomplete novels and ideas for book series. She was published twice nationally in the US for two short stories at the ages of 8 and 9! So, best seller novel one day, maybe. Keep your eyes open. As for movies, she loves historical movies with fictional aspects like The King’s Speech, Inglorious Basterds, Marie-Antoinette, to name a few. Erielle likes to change her look now and again and if she could, she would have the power to shape-shift. It would definitely come in handy as a journalist to visually adapt to report as close to the truth as possible. Nevertheless, it makes for a fun Russian spy joke to be made by her friends.

A lot of people have inspired Erielle so far…friends, colleagues, her parents and her friends who work three jobs or never complain about hardships or turn bad situations into good situations. In her own words: “You, in one way or another, have moulded me to be who I am today”. She loves having multicultural friends who encourage her to learn languages, read certain books, study certain philosophical theories. Erielle hopes in return to have inspired and to continue to inspire them so that they also learn something they would not have learned otherwise.

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