A Development Chat

Development chat

At the Anticafé in Paris ECON+ met again to chat about Development, here’s what we talked about…

Do you have anything to add? What are the future challenges and solutions?


What are the major concerns?

  • Lack of resources
  • Inequality
  • Sustainability
  • Health
  • Education
  • Gender equality

What are our key challenges?

  • Keeping economic growth while preserving the environment
  • Supplying enough energy while limiting environmental impact
  • Managing resources especially national oil companies
  • Combining sustainable development with economic development
  • Working out how to fight corruption

What are the future levers?

  • Developing private institutions
  • Providing education for people’s empowerment and freedom
  • Maintaining a sustainable coherence
  • Rethinking the aid model
  • Promoting environmental innovations
  • Developing community work
  • Creating new political system
  • Empowering the youth
  • Defending rights and fundamental freedoms



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