Member of the Moment Malte

Malte Kalsbach

Meet Malte. Malte is definitely a young talent from Germany with a lot of initiative. More than a year ago, he founded his first own education startup during his bachelor after tutoring for the past 7 years next to school/university. As a international economic studies graduate from Maastricht university he focused on finance, macroeconomics and statistics. Over the past 4 years he got the chance to collect corporate experience in various companies as well as banking experience while working as country risk analyst for emerging markets economies.

In Malte’s opinion, Econ+ is a great initiative of young people to share thoughts about urgent global problems. In a globalized and digitalized world, the youth plays an important role to shape the future and represent current topics. We couldn’t agree more. In his bachelor thesis he discussed the topic of the development of global inequality. The question on how to foster convergence is really important to Malte.

Malte is one of those early worms, clearly being a morning person. Funny enough, he would like to have the power of not to sleep any more, so that he could make the most of his time here. His favorite movie is Shutter Island. Hats off to Scorsese. His favorite animal is a Lion. Quite in the news nowadays. He is quite sure that there is a similar planet with life or a planet with the potential to develop in the future. If it is his destiny, he will be there, as he believes in destiny. But before, he still has to visit Nepal and experience life
in places such as Phillipines, Stockholm, Prague, London, Hong Kong, to name a few.

You can’t guess his favorite song: The soundtrack of FIFA 98. Yeah, we have a gamer here. We guess not a hardcore gamer given that what he enjoys doing the most is meeting friends in a nice bar in the city with the option to go partying afterwards.

One day, Malte would love to work for the UN later in the educational sector. With inspirational figures such as Nelson Mandela, Dalai Lama, and his parents, this young entrepeneur might just get it.

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