Season’s Greetings from ECON+!


Season’s Greetings from ECON+!

2015 was an exciting year for ECON+. We brought together young experts to discuss and debate policy making, global economics and international politics through articles written by our members and several events. We made our first ever documentary to let you know what we do, why we do that and who does it:

We developed Policy Facts, ECON+ Essentials and ECON+ Perspectives as well as our team and structure. We also took part in the OECD Forum where we engaged with leading decision-makers to talk about topics such as inclusive growth, innovation and investment.

We want to thank our members and audience and in particular our team – Victoria, Pedro, Luisa, Maria, Erielle, Stephen, Tahnee, Kilian, Natalia, Kimberley and Colm – whose generosity, drive and ambition give all of us even more enthusiasm for our project.

We look forward to improving the economic discussion platform in 2016 as we collaborate with more people and institutions to strengthen the focus of the global economy on improving our future and opportunities for everyone. We’re dedicated to improving the participation of young people who strive to work on and contribute to policymaking in whatever way they can.

With our best wishes for the New Year, The ECON+ team

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