ECON+ Podcast Episode Four: Failures of Capitalism

In our fourth episode, we examine what’s gone wrong with capitalist systems around the world. Does capitalism always lead to crony capitalism? Is neoliberalism to blame for the rise of crony capitalism? Should monopolies exist? Luisa Porritt is joined by Victoria Collins, Pedro Sousa, and Ma Ria.

Episode available for streaming or download on Soundcloud: 

And for streaming only on Mixcloud: 

Recommended reads to accompany this podcast:

The death of neoliberalism and the crisis in western politics – Martin Jacques, The Guardian

Daily Chart: Comparing crony capitalism around the world – The Economist

Even the IMF now admits neoliberalism has failed – Fortune

The party winds down – The Economist

Alan Greenspan was a libertarian to the crony capitalists – Business Insider

Greenspan – I was wrong about the economy. Sort of – The Guardian

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