ECON+ Interview With Otaviano Canuto – China’s Grand Strategy In A Changing World

It is with great pleasure that ECON+ brings you another conversation with Otaviano Canuto, Executive Director at the World Bank, to continue this series of interviews on the global economy. This time, we delve into one of the world’s earliest civilizations and the world’s most populous country, a nation known as China. China’s growing influence around the globe, not just economically but also politically, prompts us to raise a few questions: will this be China’s century? What is China’s grand strategy? What do the latest political and economic moves (domestic and foreign) tell us? What will it do to the current rules-based system and to the overall concept of liberal democracies? Not an easy task but we try to go into the nitty-gritty with Otaviano. As usual, an enriching interview led by Luisa Porritt, with Victoria Collins and Pedro Sousa contributing to the discussion.

Interview available for streaming or download on Soundcloud:

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