ECON+ is a global network of young people who aim to make a positive impact on our future through fresh ideas on economic policy.

For the why and how, find out more below.MC900432627

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ECON+ needs you…

ECON+ is recruiting

ECON+ is building a global team who are passionate about making a difference. Click on the link to find more information.

We’re also looking for articles, speakers, interviews and other content on our next topics: unemployment and social movements. If you have any ideas, contacts, or want to write something, please email us at contact@econ-plus.com. Deadline 15th September.


ECON+ Events

ECON+ has more events coming soon. If you’d like to see our recent events please look at Connect for our drinks and Discuss for our roundtables. (You can even read out roundtable live blogs there).

About Us

What’s our mission?

We aim to..

– CONNECT young people who are interested in economic matters

– DISCUSS economic policies that matter to us

– INSPIRE positive change on a local, national and international level

Why we created ECON+

At a time when policy makers are saying… “I found the available [economic and financial] models of limited help. In fact, I would go further: in the face of the crisis, we felt abandoned by conventional tools.” JEAN-CLAUDE TRICHET and young people are having a tough time… “The International Labour Organization estimates that around the world, there are nearly 75 million unemployed youth — a new “Lost Generation,” in the words of panellists discussing the problem at the annual World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland” TIME MAGAZINE 2012 …we at ECON+ are passionate about connecting and engaging young people in discussions which will shape our economic future. Furthermore, we believe that young people have a lot to contribute and that our ideas should be heard.

How will it work?

ECON+ is based on three pillars…


Want to get involved?

We want you, wherever you are in the world, economist or non-economist, to get involved. Here you can join the network and we’ll send you updates about our events and work. If you’re interested in joining the team and taking a more active role we’re currently recruiting. You can find more information here.

Got any ideas?

If you have any ideas for topics we could discuss / research / write about or anything else fill in this form. ____________________________________________________________________________________


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