Roundtable with Howard Davies

13.30 It’s time to wrap up. Before leaving, Davies tell us he’ll be doing a talk about Britain’s relationship with Europe, called “No sex please, we’re British” at Sciences Po, Paris, on 11th April 2013. Thank you for following and sending in your questions, please keep checking back to the ECON+ website for more. 13.29: “If I was a Portuguese depositor, I’d start to worry…” says Davies. But he thinks the “bailing-in” of wholesale bondholders and depositors is “not a bad idea”. 13.28 Davies argues the bail-in of insured depositors is “a very dangerous thing to do”. He makes the … Continue reading Roundtable with Howard Davies

Roundtable with Paul Collier

19.10 After a lively discussion, we had to close as Collier will be teaching several of us in a few minutes on “Sustainability of Growth in Developing Countries“. He wishes us luck with our movement before leaving. Thanks for following, watch out for details of our next event soon. 19.08 Collier first of all states that he does not know the new head. He does say however that the G2O was heralded as a “New World”, in which there would no longer be special deals whereby the head of the World Bank is always an American, and the IMF a … Continue reading Roundtable with Paul Collier