Global Macroeconomic And Financial Coordination System Needs To Act Collectively – Part 1

By Pedro Sousa * The first in a series of five articles The effort to revive international macroeconomic coordination began in response to the 2008 global financial crisis. The G20 then became the preeminent global economic grouping. It would be somewhat expected … Continue reading Global Macroeconomic And Financial Coordination System Needs To Act Collectively – Part 1

Crisis or not?

By Pedro Sousa As we examine the state of the global economy, information suggests we are in an era of very limited growth. Larry Summers might be right in describing this as “secular stagnation“. Does this mean we are facing economic crisis in 2016? Maybe not, but the global economy is vulnerable. Nowadays, most OECD governments don’t have the financial muscle to kickstart their economies towards higher growth. Plus, as we have seen within the EU, there is a lack of political union to agree to put more money into the economy. Lack of economic governance is hindering the potential … Continue reading Crisis or not?

Crisis or not?

By Luisa Porritt Global growth disappointed last year, and market sentiment is being driven by fears it will remain weak or even weaken through 2016. The factors worrying stock market investors are hardly new. For years there has been talk of China suffering from a hard landing, and its transition from a manufacturing-based economy to one that is services oriented is now becoming apparent. Markets are figuring out how to price that shift in and to what extent this will continue to impact global demand. Part of the uncertainty will be around timing: how long will this process take? What … Continue reading Crisis or not?

Roundtable with Howard Davies

13.30 It’s time to wrap up. Before leaving, Davies tell us he’ll be doing a talk about Britain’s relationship with Europe, called “No sex please, we’re British” at Sciences Po, Paris, on 11th April 2013. Thank you for following and sending in your questions, please keep checking back to the ECON+ website for more. 13.29: “If I was a Portuguese depositor, I’d start to worry…” says Davies. But he thinks the “bailing-in” of wholesale bondholders and depositors is “not a bad idea”. 13.28 Davies argues the bail-in of insured depositors is “a very dangerous thing to do”. He makes the … Continue reading Roundtable with Howard Davies