Member of the moment Pedro

Meet Pedro Sousa


Every few weeks we’d like to introduce one of our ECON+ members to put names and personalities to faces. Our first member will be Pedro Sousa who has been a great supporter of the project since the beginning. We would like to thank immensely for his help.

Pedro thinks global. This was why after studying economics and working in a bank in Portugal he went back to study International Relations and Political Science at the University of Minho. He then went on to do an internship at the UN in Brussels while working on his masters’ thesis (How US foreign policy relates to multilateralism during the Bush and Clinton years). (Now that sounds pretty interesting!) Most recently he worked at the OECD for Public Affairs & Communication, the Development Centre and then the Global Relations Secretariat (Latin America).

Pedro also wants to have an impact. This is why he likes ECON+ and wants to contribute to issues that matter in the global economy. What’s more he likes that other members of ECON+ think the same way and that they foster open, international discussions.

Economically, he’s interested in measuring progress as he sees it’s necessary to look at new ways to see how we’ve really progressed and inequality as he believes there must be a more balanced way of seeing society.

Alongside his global-impact outlook Pedro enjoys the good company of others and the attraction of the sun and sand. He supports Sporting football team and enjoys eating Picanha (a Brazilian dish which I must try). Although it’s difficult to decide his favourite film is probably Inception with his favourite historical characters being Spartacus and Howard Zinn as someone who knew about history. His two favourite places are Paris and Brazil and if he could have a super power, choosing between time travel or mind control, he’s decided on time travel. He’s been inspired by many people in his life but notably young people who take risks and go after their dreams as well as Professor Keating from the Dead Poets Society.


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