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If you’re looking for answers or your simply curious about ECON+, you’ve come to the right place. ‘Our Story’ tells you about what we do, what we stand for and where we came from. If you’d like to see how we work look at our ECON+ Structure. 

And to start off a mini documentary made by our very own Erielle Delzer.

Our Pitch

Our Mission Statement

Our Humble Beginnings



Our Pitch

ECON+ is a community-based economic think tank* for young minds from diverse backgrounds and geographies.

We provide these young minds with a place to connect with each other, discuss and debate important economic issues and inspire real change through informed opinions and a voice.

We’re based on three pillars based each with it’s own concrete action: connect, discuss and inspire. Our final goal is to inspire real policy change.

*that’s to say a think-tank based on a community/network if you will


Our Mission Statement

We want to improve our economic future;

where improvement is a continuous process,

long-term outlooks are valued,

and young people are at the heart of this.

We thrive upon our diverse base,

and global collaboration.

We give young people a voice,

and we know we can make a real difference.

… We need your help


Our Humble Beginnings


So where did ECON+ come from? The story begins in Brussels. While working there in 2010, as the crisis took hold, I saw many intelligent, amazing people losing hope and confidence. I was saddened to see that they started to undervalue their contribution to their professions and society, often as a result of not being able to find a job. I thought about doing something to help, to give young people the confidence to speak up, but admittedly ideas stayed on paper and nothing ever came of it.

Along comes 2012, I’m doing a Masters in International Economic Policy at Sciences Po Paris, trying to get to grips with the policies I believe have an important impact on everyone’s lives, every day. During this, I am lucky enough to participate in a ‘Global Classroom’ course, where classes are between Sciences Po, Columbia and Harvard, collectively exploring ‘The Future of Capitalism’ through some form of giant weekly Skype. I found the divergence of opinion fascinating between American, French and the other international students. Take one topic, such as fiscal redistribution, and you’ll find some common ground, some diverging ideas and some outright differences in opinions.

The pieces of the puzzles started to fit together and I felt compelled to create something that would replicate this experience. It needed to be a something that would allow these young opinions to be heard and accounted for; an important part of the democratic process now and into the future. Not only are our young minds our future, who have a right to shape it, but I am also convinced that true economic understanding will come from divergent, global discussion; true economic understanding coming from open and engaged debate, rather than accepting the status quo orthodoxy as given truth. I believe in the contribution young people can and should have and I want us to bring about real positive long-term change.

With these convictions in mind I started to speak to some classmates and professors about the idea. It started with a few walking meetings with Luisa Porritt, followed by picnics and dinners with Natalia Santoyo, Ozlem Taskin and Britta Labuhn then discussions with Dimitris Drougkas. All were passionate about the project and shared the same beliefs. Together we began to talk about what we could concretely do – perhaps some kind of journal, network, or platform for exchange? We brainstormed a lot. We also talked to some professors including Shahin Vallee who offered us some sound advice, truly believing we could make a difference. He put us on the path towards carrying out our own research and also recommended that we get disenchanted groups, such as the indignados, involved. More pieces of the puzzle were being found.

Add a lot more conversations, tests and brainstorms and this is where you find ECON+ today. A budding community-based think-tank with the tagline – young minds improving our economic future. It was an obvious choice. We launched in March 2013 in a tiny bar in Paris full of euphoria and hope. Since then, we haven’t stopped growing, and we’re still full of hope.



ECONPlus works completely on voluntarily work but we count on you to help us go further.

If you’d like to donate please go to our PayPal page


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